'Support that spans sectors and industries'

MegaTrade is active in the following sectors and industries:


MegaTrade offers specialized skills in the sectors of engineering, specialty construction, electro-mechanical, water and sewage treatment plants, materials, furniture and fixtures. In addition, MegaTrade's procurement services range from supplying contractors with materials and equipment to providing estimates and proposals on their behalf. Whether MegaTrade is involved from the start to finish, or called upon at a crucial point in execution, MegaTrade is able to deploy the resources and skills to match the job.

  • MegaTrade Construction
  • MegaTrade Electro-Mechanical
  • MegaTrade Engineering
  • MegaTrade Water & Sewage Treatment
  • MegaTrade FF&E (Furniture, fixtures & equipment)
  • MegaTrade Stainless steel
  • MegaTrade Cables
  • MegaTrade Steel Applications
  • MegaTrade Aluminium
  • MegaTrade Marble

What we do

MegaTrade's ability to mobilize resources, manage complex timeframes and guarantee professional execution of services was the driving factor behind the creation of the transportation and logistics divisions. MegaTrade clients engage due to a solid reputation and commitment to international standards.

  • MegaTrade Shipping
  • MegaTrade Ports Management & Maintenance
  • MegaTrade Security

What we do

Technology and media are becoming increasingly relevant in this fast-changing world, giving business the necessary tools to gain an edge amid ever-growing competition. MegaTrade infiltrated this sector many years ago and proved to be a leader among competitive companies in this domain. Today, clients seek out MegaTrade's technology and

media divisions for innovation and excellence, which translate to tangible gains for their businesses.

  • MegaTrade Computer Training
  • MegaTrade IT
  • MegaTrade Media
  • MegaTrade Events


MegaTrade understands that a successful consumer business has to have insight on market needs and respond with porducts and services that match expectations. Quality, standards and professionalism are equally essential to successs, all of which MegaTrade's consumer business divisions guarantee.

  • MegaTrade Education
  • MegaTrade Sports
  • MegaTrade Catering
  • MegaTrade Retail

MegaTrade's extensive cross-industry expertise gives it the insight to improve other businesses' performance. MegaTrade's consultancy divisions practice a collaborative approach, working closely with clients to deliver strategies that enhance value and create a competitive edge.

  • MegaTrade Consultancy
  • MegaTrade Human Resources Assessment & Consultancy