Beyond the millenium

Henri Abdallah PFM SAL is the dynamic market leader in polyurethane foam and both bedding and bedding products.

With the unique and precious experience acquired since establishment in 1972, Henri Abdallah PFM SAL products are the customer's first choice. This is thanks to our proactive strategies that focus on customer's statiscation and well being. This fact was behind our new and exclusive finest products launched in the market that established an extra edge in quality over competition.

In essence the company's philosophy is to nurture its engeneering excellence and produce products that set the standard in quality that others now strive to follow.

With the support of ongoing capital investment and a belief in total quality that runs through evey department, the company has also encompassed the latest thinking in manufacturing techniques.

All of these factors have enabled the development of sales and marketing effort that positions us as the leading suppliers of proven and innovative foam, mattresses and bedding products.

Henri Abdallah PFM SAL has, as a result, established a presence that continues to strength as the customers are being satisfied on all levels of health, comfort and beauty.

It is from this sound foundation that our position will be consolidated further by the exciting opportunities offered by our research and development program. The fruit of which is set to revolutionize the future of foam and mattresses.

As we move beyond the millenium the world continues to rest on our mattresses