Stainless Steel Made in Italy

Established following the second world war, the Group of Expo Inox has made itself renowned through the years on the European market and then on the world stage for its design and production at its sister company of Olimpia 80 Engineering machinery dedicated to the production of complete mills for welded tube manufacturing in a wide range of materials, stainless steel, titanium, special alloy, duplex, carbon steel, aluminium, gold, etc. whilst thence through other companies of our group such as ThemaInox and Olimpia Inox we produce stainless steel tubing of the highest standards testified on the World Market. Expo Inox produces the finished products destined for the construction and manufacturing industries. Finally, we presently Inox Arabia our partner in the Islamic world who develop and furnish our products to the requirements of a culture distinct though similar to ourselves here in Italy.


In response to the growing awareness of environmentalism and conservation of the earth’s natural resources, our quality of life depends upon both consumers and regulators directing their resources towards products that are less harmful to the environment. In use, stainless steel is durable and requires a minimum of maintenance, outlasting many competing products and eliminating requirements for additional potentially hazardous materials such as paint, fire protective coatings, cleaners and solvents. Stainless steel is a valuable scrap material, it is 100% recyclable. Stainless steel is a generic term for a family of corrosion resistant alloy steels. Our stainless steels have a high resistance to corrosion in all atmospheric conditions even at elevated temperatures and pressures. It will always maintain that clean look as at first installation. Most of our grades of stainless steel grades will resist scaling (rusting) and maintain high strength at very high temperatures, as demonstrated in our chimneys while other grades show exceptional toughness at cryogenic temperatures. The tensile strength properties of many stainless steels can be used in design to reduce material thickness and reduce weight and costs. Other stainless steels may be heat treated to make very high strength components. Stainless steel is available in many surface finishes. It is easy and simple to maintain resulting in a high quality and charming appearance. It is a durable, low maintenance material and is often the least expensive choices in a life cycle cost comparison. The ease of cleaning stainless steel and maintaining high sanitation standards makes it the first choice in hospitals, kitchens, hotels, cafes, etc.

We Present Our Products

Fencing Panels, Gates, Furniture,Chimneys, Balconies, Floors, Accessories, Gates, Stairs.