Hyosung ebara

Hyosung Ebara (HEC) has contributed to the development and economic growth of Korean pumps and water industry, based on its outstanding technology accumulated through continues research & development activities. Hyosung Ebara is the largest Korean company specialized in producing pumps and supplying facilities for water treatment including desalination plants.

By acquiring the KEPIC certificate, which enables to produce safety related pumps for nuclear power plants, Hyosung Ebara is currently engaged in conducting a number of national policy tasks, duly recognized for our superior technology, including that in nuclear power pumps and the localization of equipment for desalination plants. Currently, Hyosung Ebara is producing high quality products for various usages, from pumps for power plants to those for petrochemicals, building /housing, industrial, desalination plant, and marine/offshore. Hyosung Ebara has outstanding performances in the field of desalination plant sector, having the contract for the largest plant.

Hyosung Ebara, an import-substitute company since its continuous development of new technology, is now accelerating to open up local markets as well as foreign markets. Hyosung Ebara provides the best solutions that customers can trust, fulfilling needs in the entire process from the receipt of orders to planning, manufacturing, and after-sales services-all of which is enabled by R&D activities and quality management.

Hyosung Ebara will grow up to become a company specialized in producing pumps and water processing and ranked alongside the world's top level companies, through continuous innovation and customer satisfaction efforts.

Pumps for Power Plants

Hyosung Ebara produces pumps for all applications, including high-voltage, high-pressure, high-temperature, and seawater conditions. The large-sized vertical Seawater Circulation Water Pump (CWP) and the Seawater Lift Pump (SLP) are produced with stainless steel 316L or duplex stainless steel materials with more than diameters of 2000mm outlets.

Pumps for Petrochemical & Refinery Plants

Hyosung Ebara manufactures pumps that satisfy hightemperature and high-pressure environments typical in petroleum refining, petrochemical industry, and general industry sectors. Hyosung Ebara provides a full series of pumps, (End suction pumps, Double suction Split case pump, high-pressure multistage pumps), all of which are complied with American Petroleum Institute (API) standards.

Pumps for Building & Housing

Hyosung Ebara's pumps for building and housing are widely used for circulating cold and hot water, water supply and water cleaning systems, in a wide range of fields, such as for general households, multiplex housing and apartments, large office buildings, and cultural facilities. Hyosung Ebara helps its customer's cost saving efforts by producing highly efficient pumps.

Pumps for Manufacturing Industry

Hyosung Ebara provides highly efficient and highperformance services to enable stable and efficient operations in major industrial sites, through major industrial pumps such as CWP, BFP, and DH pumps.