Megatrade presents a harmonious combination of the birch tone with white, high gloss fronts makes for easy living even in the smallest of rooms at the same time; it lacks nothing that one would expect from a fully equipped kitchen.

Using solid birch the fine uniform grain is enhanced by a pale color wash, with the doors and drawers inset into fixed frames giving a distinctive hand crafted look with a myriad of feature options available including pierced doors, stained glass and panels Bezant allows a creative approach to an exclusive kitchen. Simplicity of design combines with a blonde, durable finish to produce a natural style, which is well suited to contemporary kitchen design with glazed feature doors and a choice of cornice options combined to make this kitchen a timeless marvel.


Our Kitchens represent the newly global technology in using PVC – U products of plates and sections benefiting from excellent properties. These modern technologies represent:

  • Perfectly sealed & 100% highly resistant to moisture and humidity.
  • Highly resistant to chemicals and cleaning products.
  • Our kitchen is none habitable place for insects.
  • Light weight and can withstand heavy weights.
  • Highly sound – proof.
  • Fire Resistant.
  • Highly flexible in design and can be formed in any shape required.
  • Highly capablility to receive paint & long life lasting colors.
  • Non-electrical conductive material.
  • Highly flexible in using various accessories.
  • Strength in heated welding in addition to using skeptical type of glue.
  • Harmoniously designed with excellent finished look.