'An unrivalled reputation for professionalism and efficiency'

Who we are

Megatrade was officially established in Qatar in 2008; The partners of MegaTrade started doing business independently in 1975 before joining efforts in 2008. Megatrade has built a reputation on an ability to tackle projects across the Gulf in a vast range of sectors, no matter how challenging.

Megatrade's roots are in the construction business, emerging as leaders in providing full-scale turnkey solutions as well as engineering and scientific consultancy. Megatrade has

always sought to maximize strengths to ensure customer satisfaction and as such MegaTrade has grown to become a provider of services and products in a diverse range of sectors.

Throughout everything Megatrade does, the emphasis is always on unwavering professionalism and efficiency. With every job Megatrade demonstrates a failsafe reputation for meeting clients' needs, while respecting international standards for health, safety and social responsibility.